Kubota L2501

Kubota L2501

When you need a tractor for your agricultural needs, then you will want to look at the Kubota L2501. We take a look at everything this tractor has to offer so consumers know if it is the right choice for them. The Kubota L2501 is a user favorite. Also, users have reviewed this machine with rave reviews. People who have purchased this machine have commented that it is a powerful, efficient and durable machine. The Kubota L2501 is the best of the best. This machine has won many hearts for its reliability and efficiency. It is robust and powerful.

The L2501 tractor is Kubota’s latest addition to the compact tractor market, forming part of the well-known L-series. Although the look is fairly consistent with the other machines in this series, the L2501 comes with some technical updates such as cleaner emissions and a slightly larger chassis in size. The price of this machine is absolutely reasonable.

Being powered by a 24.8 hp diesel engine and without having specific diesel filters, it continues to meet all the requirements of the Tier 4 Final standard. Its three cylinders work in four cycles and the cooling is done by water. The fuel tank has a capacity of about 38 liters, which is slightly more than previous models, allowing you to operate for longer before having to refill. It has a total length of approximately 110 inches, the width of the outer frame is approximately 4.6 feet. The height to the top of the card is 7.65 feet, it has a wheelbase of about 60 inches, and its ground clearance is just over a foot.

The engine has three cylinders, and is a 4-cycle, vertical, water-cooled, direct injection diesel engine. It also has a power of the PTO of 20 CV.

Kubota L2501 1

Kubota L2501

Can be equipped with both a gear transmission and a hydrostatic transmission, with 4-wheel drive being present with both. However, the rear-wheel drive option is only tied to the gear-drive option.

With the first type of transmission, which is the Syncro Shuttle, the L2501 provides four main gearshifts, while making a separate high / low gear available. In total, there are eight forward gears and four reverse gears. Going through the forward and reverse shifting speeds is easy as they are all in line. The L2501 tractor can move up to about 17 kilometers per hour, while in reverse it can reach about 6 kilometers per hour.

Each type of transmission is associated with a particular form of power take-off. The gear drive comes with a clutch-actuated PTO that can generate 20.5 hp. With the hydrostatic transmission, the continuously operating power take-off with which it is featured is capable of generating only 19 hp. All tractors in this line have an additional adjustment of the stationary power take-off that ensures that the equipment can operate without having someone in the driver’s seat.

Kubota L2501 2

The size of this tractor places it in the compact class. The 2-wheel-drive models are 2.8 meters long, while the 4-wheel models are only 2.7 meters. In terms of weight, the 2-wheel-drive models are around 1,100 kilos, while the 4-wheel-drive models go up to 1,180 kilos (and have an extra 10 kilos if the transmission is HST).

The L2501’s hood moves smoothly away from the driver’s area and provides a wide view for the driver. The area under the hood is also easy for anyone to access, as its opening is further assisted by a gas strut system.

Attachments available for the Kubota L2501 include the LA525 front loader and the BH77 backhoe. The front loader is capable of lifting up to 1. 131 pounds when coupled to the L3901 with its 6.8 gallons per minute hydraulic flow rate, so that figure will likely drop with the L2501’s 5.15 gpm flow rate. The control joystick is mounted on the top of the right pillar of the loader. In addition to these attachments, there is a wide range of attachments available thanks to the partnership between Kubota and Land Pride.

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I bought the new Kubota L2501 last April. I have been very satisfied with this model as it provides plenty of power to use the front loader with the 4×4 or just to pull a bush hog / plow / disc around. This model, being at or below the 25 horsepower range, does not have the diesel particulate filter or a regenerative. I personally like this as it is one less thing to go wrong with these computerized machines. So far this has been a pleasant experience using Kubota.

My Kubota L2501 is just the right size. It is not too big or too small for my needs. I have about 3 acres to mow with a trim mower and about a 1/2 acre to garden. Fuel consumption is very good. I have the front loader option and use it instead of a wheelbarrow. I have the gear version. The hydrostatic version seems to me not very powerful. I have cleared trees and brush with no problems. I would not hesitate to buy it again. I highly recommend it.

I have found this Kubota L2501 to be a great multi-job workhorse with enough power and great fuel economy. The only complaint I have is with the seals on the steering wheel. Specs help me so much.

I bought this tractor a few years ago and I am definitely a Kubota fan. I had smaller JDs and upgraded to a Kubota B2900 and then this Kubota L2501. I have 50 acres of hardwood, 1/4 mile long driveway, and over 2 miles of trails. This tractor does everything I need and more. I wish the loader had more lifting capacity as it weighs around 1900 pounds. I often come across very large logs / water tanks moving around but other than that it is a great tractor with no problem so far.

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