Kubota L2501 Won’t Start

Kubota L2501 wont start Problems

This is still fairly new with 72 hrs or so. I think my issue is throttle related. I believe there are issues related to dirt, but I don’t remember how to troubleshoot.

I just had it running and pulled it around to back it into the garage. I shut it off briefly.

I can see a black circular tubing thing under the gas pedal that also seems to move freely when I move the gas pedal back and forth. The pedal seems to stay in the neutral position by itself. Should I just call the dealership?

If it’s still under warranty then call the dealership. If it’s not anymore then the first thing I find that goes is the seat safety switch, this can be bypassed but if it’s the problem it should be replaced.

Try pop the hood and make sure all the electrical wiring is still connected. Mine did the same thing and sat in the field for days. Turn out something just came unplugged. Might or might not be your situation. Good luck.

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