Kubota L2501 Cranking Issues

Kubota L2501 Cranking Issues Problems

I have a Kubota L2501 Tractor with only 8 hours on it. Yesterday on 2 separate occasions the engine shutoff when the bushhog bogged down. Whenever i try to crank it back up, it acts as if the battery is dead and will spin but not turn over. Both times, i had to let the tractor sit for 30 minutes or so then it cranked right up. I never have any other trouble with it starting which is why i’m having a hard time believing it’s the battery, but not sure what else it could be?

“it acts as if the battery is dead and will spin but not turn over”.

Do you mean the starter runs but does not engage and spin the engine? Or that the solenoid clicks but the starter does not run?

If it is the latter, tighten the terminal nuts on the large copper posts on the starter solenoid. The copper posts expand from engine heat and release the battery cable and starter cable just enough to break the connection.

If it is the first item call your dealer as it would be a starter issue.

The third scenario is that overworking and overheating the engine and/or transmission will trigger a safety switch and shut down the engine until everything cools. If that is happening, slow down and do not work it so hard. This happens predominantly with hydrostatic transmission equipped units.

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